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13g complete protein per serving.


Just 4-5g net carbs per serving, and keto friendly.


No cane sugar, corn syrup, or sugar alcohols.


No gluten ingredients.


No wheat, rice, or soy.


No artificial colors or sweeteners.

How do we stack up to the “classics”?

Calories Protein Net Carbs Sugar Plan Based Nitrate Free Kosher
Competitor 1 232 12g-14g 22g-29g 5g
Competitor 2 235 11g-12g 3g-5g 1g
Competitor 3 300 12g-15g 22g-33g 4g-12g
Competitor 4 200 8g-10g 9g-12g 6g
Competitor 5 205 13g-15g 18g-25g 11g-12g
Competitor 6 100 11g 12g 2g