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Mighty Yum was created by two health and fitness entrepreneurs inspired to transform how families eat on the go. With high-quality, plant based ingredients and yummy flavors, our food is loved by kids and trusted by parents. Mighty Yum offers a nutritious twist to your favorite foods and plant based fun for everyone!

Meet The Mighty Pack

George the Giraffe
Flavor and Texture Guru 🧐

George is the reason our pickiest eaters enjoy Mighty Yum’s irresistible flavors and textures.

As George is a picky eater himself, he is the perfect taste tester and approves every bite.

If it weren’t for George, our plant-based foods wouldn’t be so tasty!

Patty the Panda
Food Stylist 😎

Patty is responsible for styling our fantastic-looking food.

Her creative approach transforms even the simplest foods into the yummiest.
Patty makes sure each and every Mighty Yum looks appetizing and is conveniently packaged.

Eddie the Elephant
Cheese Master 🧀

Eddie, like his mice friends, loves his cheese. He has studied every kind of cheese that exists and has earned the name “Cheese Master.”

But his love for cheese came to an end because Eddie is lactose intolerant. However, that didn't stop him. He searched around the world to find the perfect vegan plant-based cheese that tastes exactly like real cheese.

Eddie being the expert on cheese, knows kids and adults will love it too!

Gary the Gorilla
Food Innovator 🤩

Gary the Gorilla might seem big and fierce, but he eats plants. He has tasted every plant the mighty jungle has to offer.

Gary takes a keen interest in finding the best plant-based ingredients to create the jungle's mightiest foods.

Gary’s vision is to help his human friends to be big and strong like himself.

Udessa the Unicorn
Super Fan 🥳

Udessa is a mega social media influencer and a super fan of Mighty Yum (if not THE super fan).

You will see her often lurking around because she's just waiting for the next amazing food creation to come out of this talented and innovative group.

She is always first in line to try the next product and never misses an opportunity to share with her fans what’s happening at Mighty Yum.

We are still unsure what her intentions are with Mighty Yum, but she just always seems to be around somewhere!

Meet Our

Howie Panes


Marc Elkman


Plant Based Fun
For Everyone

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Every Kid deserves

a healthy start in life.

Good habits start with Mighty Yum

  • All success starts with healthy habits, and it needs to start when our children are young
  • Obesity is at an all-time high and growing at a fast pace
  • Lack of easy access to nutritious foods causes parents to settle for less healthy options with poor nutritional value
  • Obesity causes poor mental health, type 2 diabetes, low self-esteem, asthma, and many other health risks
  • Child obesity carries on through adulthood, and healthy habits start at a young age
  • Plant-based food is a healthy alternative that supports the immune system with essential nutrients to keep our childrens cells healthy and their body balanced.


Obesity in the US


140m people

Obesity in children


14.3m children

Mighty Yum is fighting against child obesity by providing affordable plant-based options for parents, making it easy for every family to have healthy options on the go.