How long do Mighty Yum products last?

All Mighty Yum products have a recommended best by date stamped on the product. If there is uncertainty about the best by date on a product, please reach out to our customer service team.

What delivery carriers do we use?

All orders containing products that require refrigeration are shipped UPS 2-Day Air.
If an order does not contain products that require refrigeration, it is shipped UPS Ground.

Is your packaging recyclable?

Here is how to recycle and dispose of packaging materials:

Boxes and corrugate dividers - Break down the box/corrugate and place it curbside with your recycling.

Insulation -Our insulation is made of renewable polyesters and is 100% recyclable. It is a cost- and eco-conscious alternative to insulations like Styrofoam.

Ice Gel Packs - The gel packs are non-toxic and reusable! The contents of our gel packs are made of 99% salt water and 1% sodium polyacrylate. You can dispose of them by draining the gel into the trash. To avoid clogging your pipes, please don’t put the contents of the ice packs in your sink or toilet. If you’d like, you can also donate them locally to a local food bank.
Food containers - our food containers are BPA-free recyclable plastic #1.

Why is there a $100 minimum order?

Due to recent increases in expedited shipping costs and cold chain shipping components (Box, Insulation, and Ice Gel Packs) a $100 minimum order is required to substantiate these increased costs.