Your Kids Won’t Eat Veggies? They’ll Love These Healthy Plant-Based Snacks

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What is it about vegetables that kids dislike so much? Parents never have to tell their kids twice to finish their dessert, or eat the last few fries on their plate. But most of us have heard (or shouted) the classic, “you aren’t leaving the dinner table until every veggie on your plate is gone” argument, right?

But really, why are kids so averse to eating veggies? Sure, the texture can be unappealing, the taste unassuming, and some look frightening. What it really boils down to, though, is simple psychology. Kids are super observant. If you serve your kids vegetables with a sense of worry, the kids start to get a sense that the food they’re about to eat is going to taste bad. When you give your kids a plate of chicken nuggets and fries, you probably don’t have the same feeling of anticipation you do when serving a plate full of vegetables.

You aren’t to blame — not by any means. The point is that kids are much more intuitive and observant than we think. If we act even the slightest bit different than normal, that could throw a wrench in the entire healthy eating plan. That, combined with the “finish your veggies” lecture, and your kids are done for the night. 

To combat this, parents have gotten quite creative in trying to hide the vegetables in their kids' meals. From sneaking peas into the pinwheels of each noodle, to pretending the parmesan cheese falling onto the plate of broccoli is snowfall, parents are now spending more time trying to hide the vegetables than it takes for the kids to eat them.

Sometimes, these methods are effective. However, it’s a lot harder to be creative when you’ve got a jam-packed lifestyle. With little to no free time, it is hard to carve out time to stick a pea in pinwheel-shaped pasta. So, to save time and avoid a fight, you pick up some junk food on the way to your next event, and call it a day.

We’ve all been there. It is much easier said than done to “just make time” and feed your kids healthy meals. But the world’s emphasis on healthy eating is for good reason. 340 million kids are facing struggles with obesity today. More kids than ever before are having issues with type 2 diabetes and other immune system issues caused by poor diet.

However, all hope is not lost. There are innovators on the frontlines who see what families like yours go through every day, and they’re here to make healthy eating a reality.

Founders of Mighty Yum ™ , Marc Elkman and Howard Panes, are no strangers to the healthy eating movement. With picky kids of their own, finding ways to get the proper nutrition they needed all while fitting it into their busy lifestyle became nearly impossible. That is what sparked the idea of Mighty Yum ™ . This plant-based lunch kit provides a healthy mix of protein and vitamins to fuel your kids with the nutrition they need to succeed. This snack was made for kids, as it is approved by the pickiest of eaters, designed to make the “eat your veggies” argument a thing of the past.

“We realized how corrupt food has become, and how dangerous it can be to form unhealthy habits at such a young age. No kid should have to deal with issues like obesity or type 2 diabetes. We want to provide a plant-based option that is available on the go”

-Howard Panes, Co-Founder and CEO of Mighty Yum ™ 

So what does the master of all things plant-based Howard Panes suggest you do to get your kids eating their veggies? Here are Howie’s 4 simple tips you can use to get your kids eating healthy, and most importantly, enjoying it.

  1. Make it interactive

The closer food blends with play, the happier your kids will be, and the more excited they will be to eat it. Whether you all make it together, or even come up with a fun game/event to go along with it, your kids will be having so much fun they won’t remember how healthy the food is!

  1. Have a taste test

The saying “you can’t knock it ‘til you try it' is my inspiration for this tip. Get a bunch of veggies and other healthy foods, and see how your kids like them. You can even turn it into a game and blindfold them to make it like a real taste test. When they take off the blindfold, they will be so shocked to see that the food they just ate, and enjoyed, was healthy! This is also a great way to get some intel on what foods to just give up on – you might have to lose a battle to win the war.

  1. Give them some control

Another way to get kids looking forward to eating their vegetables is by giving them some sense of control. Take them to the grocery store with you, and have them pick out some healthy items they like. If they feel like they’re in control, they feel more inclined to eat what they pick out. Another great way to do this is giving them choice. It can be as simple as holding up two items and going with the one they pick. That little sense of control takes away the feeling of being forced, and helps them ease into healthy eating.

  1. Don’t stop being creative

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. If your kids eat their broccoli because they like the idea of it getting snowed on, or if they eat their pasta with the peas hidden in the middle, as long as they’re getting some nutrition in their diet, it is a cause worth continuing. So parents, as you can see, there is some hope for getting your finicky eater to finally eat their veggies after all. Keep on keeping on, and while you’re at it, grab a Mighty Yum !  ™


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